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When it comes to clothes on holiday my mantra is ‘less is more’…… depending on the type of holiday of course! For example, if you are going on a cruise you will have to take outfits for dinner, off ship touring and lounging etc. but if you are on adventure holiday where you are on the move every day and off the beaten track then the less you carry the better. Beach holidays however, require some sophistication but this should be carefully targeted for maximum effect.

It is important to know your body shape (there are 12 definitive shapes) and dress accordingly to feel your most glamourous and confident. Regardless of your size know your body shape and stick to the key shapes that work for you, don’t follow trends. Wearing clothes for shapes that don’t suit you will leave you feeling untidy and permanently battling with your outfit no matter how much it costs.

Silk and cotton tops and dresses will keep you cool whilst adding a casual elegance to your appearance. They will also be kind to your skin in the hot weather and not irritate it.

Pale colours work best for a reddish- tan whilst darker complexions look great next to deep tones of bright blue, red and green. This year the biggest summer trends are for neon pastels, florals, geometric prints and white tailoring - all great if you stick to my advice when choosing.

And remember, the more planning you do the less there is to worry about when you arrive.

Have a great trip!

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